Churchill’s Reserve Port & Fig Poptail

There’s nothing more refreshing than popsicles in summer, right?

Here’s how to take your popsicles to the next level: use port wine instead of juice and you have a poptail!


Makes appr. eight popsicles

1 cup of Reserve port wine
700 gramms figs
2 tablespoons of honey

1. Place wine, figs and honey in a food processor or blender and process or blend until pureed, about 1-2 minutes. If you don’t like pieces of fig in the popsicles, pour mixture through a medium strainer.

2. Pour (strained) mixture into popsicle forms and freeze for about 2 hours or until mixture starts to solidify enough to hold a popsicle stick upright. Insert popsicle sticks and finish freezing popsicles overnight. To release popsicles run hot water on the outside of popsicle molds for a 2-3 seconds.

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