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Churchill’s launched the “Rethink Port Wine” campaign with a Taste Discovery event, where the brand invited consumers to a new and innovative experience of Tasting port wine using neuro-technology. This was the first time that neuro-technology was applied in the
wine sector.

With a 5 meter high bottle at Churchill’s Visitors Centre’s garden, the brand challenged more than a hundred guests from all over the world and transformed a classic port tasting of White, Ruby and Tawny into a neuro-technology tasting registering their brain’s reactions.

Bloggers, journalists, partners, institutional representatives, as well as consumers were invited to taste the three different Port wine categories: White – Churchill’s Dry White Port; Ruby – Churchill’s Reserve Port and Tawny – Churchill’s 10 Years Old Tawny Port. While the brain reaction was being captured by a headset, the data used was showing audio and visual effects that boosted the experience and allowed the audience to monitor the taster’s feeling.

This visualization of the data in realtime was done by videomapping the 5 meter high bottle with a pattern inspired by Portuguese “Azulejos” (tiles). Another way to associate tradition with technoloy.

The tile patterns were brought to life using the brain data from the headset sensors. The patterns could became more abstract or sporadic as the taster became more or less engaged by the different wines.

The experience was a great success. Those who experienced the Tasting were all in agreement that this was a completely new and different way to taste wine, where all their senses were focused and alert. In the end, everyone agreed it was a surprise when the end result of the experience confirmed their favourite style of Port.

By bringing tradition and technology together, the Taste Discovery event was the first milestone on Churchill`s journey to challenge consumers to Rethink Port Wine.

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