Taste without tasting

Sense Port wine through science,music and technology.

A new way to experience port wine

Churchill’s wanted to prototype a new way to experience port wine. The concept was to create a way to “taste” the wine without tasting it, using science & technology.

After researching and learning about the wine from those who make it, other wine experts, chefs and consumers who love it, it was found that people associate the tastes with music and abstract representations. So the aim was to create a sensory experience to bring each of the essences to life.

Exploring visual patterns

Using cymatics, the study of visual sound through vibration, we explored different patterns and symmetries and how these correlate to sound and taste. Different frequencies and vibrations were mapped to different tastes and served as inspiration for the musical compositions.

Science, Technology, Music & Taste

To execute the project a prototype using a tone generator and a speaker filled with Churchill’s port wine was created. The result was an art and science project allowing viewers to see, hear, feel and ultimately sense the taste.

The installation was captured on film using three different locations, moods and soundtracks, to serve as a new ambient way to experience Churchill’s port wine.

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