Celebrate New Traditions

To appeal to a young-minded and bold consumer, Churchill’s creative consulting agency The Asteroid chose an elevated fashion look and feel for the images and worked with photographer Ricardo Lamego and art director Ana Trancoso, who produce campaigns for big fashion magazines such as Vogue.

The Celebrate New Traditions campaign is another step on Churchill’s journey to challenge consumers to rethink moments and traditions connected with Port wine.

Celebrating a New Family Tradition

Grandparents are more open-minded today and relationships between grandparents and grandchildren are different. To demonstrate this change in family traditions, the first moment shows a grandfather and grandson, sharing a glass of Late Bottle Vintage Port and taking selfies together after a relaxed dinner in a modern restaurant.

Celebrating a New Sunday Afternoon

In our fast paced daily routines, something very casual can be transformed into something very special. To demonstrate the correlation between old and new traditions in father-son relationships, the second moment shows father and son getting their beards shaved in a traditional barbershop while drinking a 10 Years Old Tawny Port.

Celebrating a New "Me Time"

Women are powerful and independent today. Confronting the cliché of who drinks Port wine, the third moment shows a young lady, reading the New York Times, and drinking a glass of White Port.

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