Churchill's Vintage 2016


“Natural acidity in a young Vintage Port is the key to longevity. Our decision to declare Churchill’s 2016 Vintage Port has been based on the purity, ripeness and intensity of its fruit flavours, but especially on its excellent natural acidity”.
John Graham – Founder and wine maker.

2016 was a great year for winemaking in the Douro.

A year which combined the perfect climatic conditions and an ideal grape maturation cycle.

2016 was a Vintage Year.

What differentiates Vintage Port from other wines is time.

Time to mature and develop all its hidden qualities, time to evolve.

Time to allow the port to go from great to extraordinary.

That’s the beauty of Vintage Port. It needs commitment to enjoy it at its best.

So store it. Wait for it. Take your time.


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