Kruella x Churchill's Art Mural

This year, to commemorate Churchill’s 40th anniversary and the re-opening of our Lodge and garden, we invited the brilliant Portuguese visual artist and illustrator Kruella d’Enfer to bring an explosion of colour to our 1982 BAR in a unique art intervention.

“We wanted to kick off our 40th anniversary in a way that speaks to several of our passions – wine, art and our home city of Porto – with a street art intervention in our very own lodge.”, Zoe Graham.

The large-scale mural by @kruelladenfer is inspired by the past and future of the port industry, Porto and the Douro, and it is also an homage to the artistry involved in our hand-crafted port production at Churchill’s. The mural adorns the Gaia riverfront, and we hope it will inspire visitors with the story of the port and wine trade in action.

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Lodge: RNAAT 544/2019
Quinta da Gricha: RNAL 52240/AL

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