Port and Winemaking

Simple Methods

We practice minimal intervention and use only traditional methods of production. 

All our grapes are hand-picked, twice sorted, and crushed by foot in ancient granite lagares at our winery at Quinta da Gricha. Foot-treading achieves a gentle but thorough maceration of the grapes and skins without damaging the pips and thereby extracts the necessary colour and tannins whilst still preserving the fresh, natural grape aromas and flavours.

We use only native yeast in fermenting our port, allowing an additional 12-24 hours vs. industry standard to convert higher amounts of sugar into alcohol. The result is more natural wine alcohol, lower levels of brandy, and our signature dry style.

Simple Standards

We make wines of uncompromising quality in a style we believe in. 

Johnny founded Churchill’s because he had a clear vision for the type of port he likes to make and drink. This focus has translated into his making of Douro wines as well. All Churchill’s Ports are made only with Grade A grapes andproduced exclusively with native grape varieties.  

 These ingredients combined with traditional vinification and Johnny’s artistic blending, create a drier style that balances acidity and freshness.  Most importantly, our wines all have good structure, leading to the famous aging potential for which vintage port is known.  If we don’t think it has 50+ years ahead of it, we won’t call it vintage. 

Simply Human

We put people and planet first. 

We love the Douro – the land, the grapes, and most importantly the people. We participate in the integrated production protocol, committing to sustainable practices that will ensure future generations will be able to enjoy fresh young ports alongside our decades-aged vintages. 

Churchill’s is a small, independent family businessJohnny and his family are still at the heart of the business with his daughter, Zoe, recently joining him to lead the operation. We are 45-strong tight-knit team, all committed to inciting joy through the power of simply excellent wines 

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