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Down-river and up-the-mountain from the tourist trails, Gricha Vineyard House embodies the spirit of the Douro: breath-taking vistas, warm community, and wine and winemaking at its centreAt Gricha, our guests, much like our team of farmers, viticulturists, and enologists, know that great experiences take time and a bit of effort – and so they brave the windy road, look beyond the first hill, and embrace the quiet solitude of vineyard life — whether with a glass of wine, a dip in the pool, or a traditional meal in our idyllic orange grove.


With just four luxury bedrooms tucked into a tastefully remodeled 19th century farmhouse on Churchill’s legendary 50 hectare vineyard, Gricha Vineyard House offers guests access to an intimate and personal experience of life on a working Douro winery. Feel the pace and simplicity of life amongst the vines. Learn about viticulture and winemaking in personalized tours and tastings amidst the vines and treading tanks. Enjoy Churchill’s awardwinning wines while relaxing by the infinity pool or gazing out at the valley from our panoramic terrace. 

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Lodge: RNAAT 544/2019
Quinta da Gricha: RNAL 52240/AL

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