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Quinta da Gricha is a special piece of Earth, even by the astounding standards of Douro terroir.

Named for the natural spring (gricha) that feeds the north-facing vineyards, the quinta sits in a microclimate at 150 to 400 meters above sea level, with a wind exposure that naturally regulates humidity. Our oldest vines are more than 60 years old and yield diverse grape varieties which in turn produce wine ogreat structure and complexity. 

Our dedicated team of farmers are committed to practicing minimal intervention techniques, ensuring that Gricha terrior breathes in every drop of wine.  

What is this terroir?  Johnny defines Gricha’s character in one word: “Tension”— balanced dance of natural acidity, exuberant berry, and resinous pine and eucalyptus, supported by a mineral backbone that gives Churchill’s ports and wines the nerve that make them stand out. 

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