Churchill's Port Collector mixed case Lodge ‘Reds’ Festive Selection
Lodge Christmas Favourites

Lodge Christmas Favourites

Price: 203.00

Spread cheer with our team’s selection of Ports.

Our signature Dry White Port is the perfect gift to delight a friend with an unexpected treat – put it in the fridge to bookend a perfect evening. Next, bring out the decanting funnel! Our Churchill’s Vintage 1997, tasting beautifully at present, makes the perfect gift for your committed port lover. And finally, indulge your bestie with our 30-Year Old Tawny Port: aged for thirty years in seasoned oak casks, whilst still retaining Churchill’s characteristic fresh identity. This is a port full of finesse and perfect for celebrating the special people in your life.


Starting on December 1 our team will be posting videos on Churchill’s Instagram, where they explain why they chose this Port or Douro wine for Christmas celebrations this year and how to best enjoy it. If you miss them, you can find a round-up of all the videos on Churchill’s youtube!