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Vintage Mini Gift Set

Vintage Mini Gift Set

Price: 130.00

Do you remember all your Christmas presents last year? Probably not. Gift these remarkable vintages and make sure you’re remembered in special occasions in the years to come.

Churchill’s 1994 is a ripe and full-bodied Vintage Port, described as “a powerhouse of a Vintage” by our winemaker Johnny Graham. Churchill’s 1997 is a Vintage Port wine in the classic style. It has what we call in the trade a “steel girder” – a good tannic structure which binds and balances the fruit and ensures good ageing potential, tasting beautifully at present. Churchill’s 2014 is our wild card. In a year where all expectations were of a general declaration, rain started to fall heavily in the Douro. Our 2014 Vintage is the result of the two lagares we managed to hand-pick just before the rain. In style, it is more of an “old-school” Vintage – with the freshness of fruit and a solid tannic structure,  ensuring the excellent longevity required for maturing a classic Vintage Port.


Starting on December 1 our team will be posting videos on Churchill’s Instagram, where they explain why they chose this Port or Douro wine for Christmas celebrations this year and how to best enjoy it. If you miss them, you can find a round-up of all the videos on Churchill’s youtube!